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    A portrait of a Weimaraner Dog running towards the camera in the countryside amongst the grass, with tongue out.

    Photo by: Brighton Dog Photography

    Brighton Dog Photography

    6 Tips for Happy and Healthy Dogs

    By: Leah Weber

    This week is Canine Enrichment Week on DogTV. Here are 6 quick tips on how to give your pup a full life.

    June 23, 2020

    1. That's So Fetch



    Border Collie puppy fetching toy in full action

    Photo by: Anda Stavri Photography

    Anda Stavri Photography

    A game of fetch with your pet is a physical activity that is good for both their body and mind.

    2. Puzzling!



    Jack Russell Terrier sniffing treat inside brain toy

    Photo by: alexei_tm


    Even dogs love puzzles! Make treat time a brain game with different toys that can help your pup stay mentally sharp.

    3. Stop and Smell the Roses



    Walking Frenchie dog at bluebell woods

    Photo by: gollykim


    Letting your dog enjoy their walk and sniff and take in their environment can help them understand their outdoor surroundings.

    4. Pets for Pets



    Photo by: Larry Williams & Associates

    Larry Williams & Associates

    Petting and making eye contact with your dog makes them as happy as it makes you.

    5. You Get a Bone, and You Get a Bone!



    Dog giving the paw

    Photo by: Kinga Krzeminska

    Kinga Krzeminska

    Rewarding your dog with treats when they have achieved a goal or completed a task is a great way to encourage good behavior. But remember, everything in moderation!

    6. Good TV, Good Boy!



    Photo by: Manabu Ogasawara

    Manabu Ogasawara

    It is proven by the ASPCA that leaving a TV on for your pets when you're not home can help with separation anxiety. All this week on DogTV you will find more tricks and tips to help your dog live his or her fullest life.

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